Underpinning Services

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Underpinning is a process of stabilizing or strengthening the foundation of an existing building. British Bricklaying provides professional and industry’s best underpinning services which you can rely on. In underpinning process, shallow footings are dug and extend the foundation by pouring the concrete mixture in depth or in breadth.

The failure of existing foundations can occur due to the effect of trees, change of drainage patterns, droughts and many other external influences.

All our work is carried out with extra care and concern. Our skilled employees focus on delivering satisfied results and have an experience and proven record of achieving our client’s requirements.

No delays while working and no excuses in the quality of work. Whatever might be the requirements, the only company you can count on is British Bricklaying.

We will offer cost effective solutions to all your foundation problems and aim to achieve all your expectations.

Why British Bricklaying ?

No delays in work.
No excuses in quality of work.
Perfection in finishing.
Competitive pricing.
Experienced employees.

We provide quick quotes and flexible availability, Your work will be completed within time and budget.
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